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Evolute instituTe

Our purpose

We believe that leaders who know themselves are the leaders of a better tomorrow. We want to help leaders unlock their full creative powers, connect with their innermost purpose, and catalyze their personal and professional growth.

Our vision

We envision a world where leaders have the insight, competence, and courage to meaningfully contribute to the greater good. Where people in position of influence realize and embrace the full scope of both their potential and responsibility (response-ability). Where decision-makers act with a systemic awareness with respect to the effects they personally and their organizations have on people and the planet. Ultimately, we believe that a world where people feel fully connected with their environment and the larger web of life will be a significantly better world.

Our work

We provide leaders the environment they need to safely embark on an empowering and demanding journey of self-exploration. Our programs strive to create a unique space for transformative learning, where personal, leadership and organizational development meet in a context of altered states of consciousness. In addition to consciousness-altering technologies, we employ a diverse set of reflective, contemplative, and experiential exercises as well as peer coaching to catalyze profound insight and growth of our clients.

"Knowing others is intelligence.
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength.
mastering yourself is true power."

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Our Founding Team

We Are Here For You
Christopher Kabakis, Co-Founder

Christopher is passionate about consciousness development, i.e. how to understand and influence, grow and maybe even shape the mind. After a decade of experience in communication & leadership training, consulting and coaching, Christopher is committed to deep inner work. His path has led him to psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, somatic approaches and bodywork and he has been training in Integrative Somatic Process (ISP) and HAKOMI, a unique and wonderful mindfulness-based body-oriented form of psychotherapy. He tries to bring everything together now in his work of designing and facilitating the leadership development programs at Evolute.
In another life, Christopher obtained a Masters Degree in Business and Economics from WHU (Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management), lived and worked in Sweden, Italy, Spain and Japan and did Ph.D.-level studies at HEC Montreal, Canada. Today he teaches at LEAD Academy Berlin and in several Master and Executive Programs at ESCP Europe (EMBA, EMDIEL, MSIE...).
His great interest lies in integrating different ASC modalities and especially certain forms of mindfulness and somatics into his coaching work - all in the service of promoting growth and deep, lasting change in his clients.

Dmitrij Achelrod (PhD), Co-Founder

Dmitrij's vision is being of service at the intersection of human and planetary wellbeing by helping people to deepen their connection with life and to actualize their potential through deep inner work. His personal journey of transformation was catalyzed by an unexpected and life-changing entheogenic encounter in the Brazilian forest several years ago. Ever since, he committed to explore the path of heart and to learn about science-backed and traditional modalities of personal healing and growth. He loves to meditate and finds peace and stillness in (pristine) nature. Prior to starting Evolute, he has been combining his expertise in healthcare and data science to create AI-powered solutions for a rapidly growing US tech startup. In this role, he provided strategic consulting to top-level executives of multi-billion dollar corporations. He is an advisory board member of several digital therapeutics companies and a university guest lecturer. Dmitrij holds degrees in Business (EBS Universität) and Health Policy (London School of Economics). He obtained his PhD in Health Economics while researching at Hamburg and Oxford University and received numerous distinctions for his academic work.

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Our Faculty

We have a team of experienced and professional partners who will provide you with all the support you need during your journey with us.

Our faculty members have a track record of excellence in the following domains:

  • Coaching of senior executives and leaders
  • Facilitation of psychedelic experiences with truffles
  • Psychology & psychiatry
  • Somatic bodywork & movement practice
  • Contemplative practices (e.g. meditation)
  • Storytelling and communication for change & transformation
  • Integration support & coaching
Naomi Stubbé (MBA, MA), Facilitation

Naomi is a certified clinical psychologist, executive coach, health & performance coach, hypnotherapist, and psychedelic facilitator with 25+ years of experience working in professional environments. She is highly experienced in facilitating individuals and groups in their transformation process toward holistic health, well-being and personal growth. Amongst many other professional certifications such as in breathwork (Wim Hof, Dr. Belisa Vranich), ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and trauma-informed yoga, Naomi received the MDMA-assisted therapist training from MAPS - the world’s leading organization for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Naomi is a former entrepreneur in the well-being industry (founder & director) and has worked as a managing director at a Big Four accounting organization responsible for leadership training / counselling. Clients value Naomi’s empathetic and warm presence. She has a passion for learning and is exited to explore the new frontier in mental health and personal development through psychedelic-assisted therapy, group and ceremonial work and psychedelic integration counselling.

Patrick L.
Patrick Liebl, Facilitation & Integration

As an experienced coach, Patrick guides retreat participants through their personal journey before, during and after the retreat. Before joining Evolute, Patrick worked as an executive coach and trainer for 8 years and is especially interested in the art of becoming the author of your own story by integrating (challenging) life experiences. After a deep experience in an altered state of consciousness in early 2019, this interest got expanded by the question on how to integrate mind-altering experiences into a fulfilling life driven by values and meaningful action. 2 years of self-exploration and a training at the MIND foundation in Berlin later, he now works as an integration coach and retreat facilitator and helps people to integrate extraordinary experiences into their ordinary daily life. Integration also plays an important role in Patrick’s work related to death and grief. He co-founded OverMyDeadBody (OMDB), an online community and service provider that promotes and facilitates honest conversations about loss, death, and grief. 
At Evolute, Patrick is in charge of the integration work and is part of the retreat facilitation team. His work is inspired by the approaches of narrative work, and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), as well as the work from Daniel J. Siegel.

Rianne, Facilitation

Rianne is an MD, specialized in Integrative Medicine. She has been working in preventive health and as a family doctor. Currently, she brings her knowledge and skills in different forms, both in her own practice and in the education of Integrative Medicine. From a young age, the body has been a keen interest to Rianne. A sporty spice as a teenager, she dove into the physical aspects of health and disease during her Medicine studies at the Antwerp University (Belgium). While studying, her path led rapidly to holistic approaches that broaden and deepen the connection between mind and body, such as yoga, somatic experience, Body-Mind-Centering, dance, meditation and integrative bodywork.. For her, those practices have been the places where she met herself, the other and life in general on the most universal level. "To what extent can we experience life? How to live an intimate relationship with the moment? Can we bring awareness to all the layers of life, while navigating ourselves through our daily tasks?". Her curiosity has been a grateful companion. Conscious movement and ritual can be a passage for the soul towards creative, authentic and embodied expression. After many years of research herself, she is now a part of the Evolute team, supporting participants on their journey on-site.

Sarah, Facilitation & Screening

Sarah is an MD currently in her final residency year in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. During her medical studies she was quickly drawn towards a holistic approach to disease and health. After working in the field of neurology for 1.5 years, her path led her into the psychosomatic world, which enables her to integrate the biopsychosocial model into her current medical and therapeutic work at a rehabilitation center in Germany. Initially following a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach, she found that the greatest barrier for individual progress was emotional blockage, which lies beyond the primary cognitive awareness level. As she started doing more trauma work and especially working with imaginative techniques, this quickly led her into the field of psychedelic research and therapy, where emotional triggers are more easily accessible, potentially opening the gateway to profound life changes. After many years of psychedelic welfare work, she is now a part of the Evolute team, supporting participants on their journey on-site as well as doing our psychological assessment and screening beforehand.