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Breathwork is our retreat format for leaders and change-makers who want to experience their breath as a gateway to inner wisdom and expanded consciousness.

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Breathwork is our intense retreat format designed for leaders and change-makers who wish to tap into their inner wisdom and healing intelligence. It is made for individuals who are yearning to move towards personal transformation and wholeness.

We teach you in applying specialized breathing techniques to gain access to deep layers of your mind, emotions, and body. You will also learn about breathing techniques to activate the protective and restorative mechanisms of your nervous system.

Our work integrates insights from Western consciousness research, nervous system science, contemporary psychology and Eastern contemplative practices. This science-backed and tradition wisdom-inspired 4-day retreat  will help you uncover and make sense of your own inner wisdom and strength.

Our Breathwork retreat offers a direct and substance-free introduction into the world of altered states of consciousness (ASC). ASC are conditions that are significantly different from an ordinary waking state. These states temporarily change the overall pattern of subjective experience and allow us to perceive ourselves as well as the world around us from an entirely different perspective. We can take a step back from our routine ways of thinking, feeling, and sensing and hence become emotionally, intellectually and viscerally more receptive to the present moment as well as more attuned to the people around us. ASC can be experienced through a wide range of modalities, e.g. mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, some forms of bodywork, prolonged deliberate physical exertion, or psychedelics. Many of these practices have long traditions of use to promote growth and healing. 

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"The leader is one who, out of clutter, brings simplicity, out of discord, harmony, and out of difficulty, opportunity."

- Albert Einstein

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