Harvard Business School Study Reveals 6 Necessary Leadership Qualities for the Age of Exponential Tech

What fundamental qualities do leaders need in the age of exponential tech?

A 2022 research study from Harvard Business School found answers that many of you might not have expected.

Well, it’s not writing Python 🐍 code…

After surveying 1,700 executives in more than 90 countries, the research team around HBS professor Linda Hill distilled 6 key capacities leaders need to cultivate:

  • Adapt to reality: you cannot plan for success anymore, instead be a catalyst. Build contextual intelligence though cultivating a 360-degree view of the dynamics within your organization as well as of those of the ecosystems in which you operate
  • Trust and let go: leadership is about trust-building, creating an atmosphere of psychological safety, co-creation and empowerment of others
  • Be an explorer: Invite curiosity with a mix of intentionality and focus into the business arena. Experience the limits of your knowledge, learn and upgrade your system
  • Be bold: Act with courage and conviction in the face of uncertainty, thus becoming increasingly comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Be present: Focus on what’s really in front of you by being emotionally and intellectually present, showing compassion and being comfortable with vulnerability
  • Be purpose-driven: Let values and integrity be the compass to guide you through uncertainty.

🚨Sounds all nice, doesn’t it? But the really troubling part the study found was that “…fewer than half of our participants think that they or other senior executives at their organizations have the right mindset and skills to lead in the digital era.”

This is where current leadership mindsets reveal a massive gap between the status quo and what’s actually needed. The importance of personal development for leaders can’t be overstated because “[t]o transform their organizations, they must first transform themselves.” Linda A. Hill

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Curiosity, Not Coding: 6 Skills Leaders Need in the Digital Age. Linda A. Hill, Ann Le Cam, Sunand Menon, and Emily Tedards. 14 FEB 2022. https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/six-unexpected-traits-leaders-need-in-the-digital-era