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Evolute Institute at ICPR 2024: Pioneering Psychedelic Research and Leadership

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At Evolute Institute, our dedication to cutting-edge research and innovative leadership practices is paramount (see for example Daphne Wusiman’s article “Research Update: Can magic mushrooms make better leaders? Exploring psychedelics’ impact on leadership mindset(s)” or Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod’s expert article on “Psychedelic safety – The ultimate guide to psilocybin and its potential interactions with antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs“.

This year, as a representative of Evolute Institute I proudly participated in the International Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR) 2024 and was honored to be a moderator for the workshop “Psychotherapy with Psychedelics” that hosted psychedelic luminaries Janis Phelps, Bill Richards and Torsten Passie in conversation with the audience. ICPR is Europe’s premier event, showcasing the latest advancements and diverse topics in psychedelic research.

Exploring the Depths of Psychedelic Science

ICPR 2024 was a gathering of some of the brightest minds in the field, featuring researchers, clinicians, and enthusiasts from around the world. The conference covered an impressive array of topics, highlighting the multifaceted nature of psychedelic studies and psychedelics in general. What stood out for me in particular this year was:

Broader perspectives on psychedelics

Bob Jesse shared reflections on three decades of developments in psychedelics, from prohibition to growing enthusiasm. He discussed the strengths and issues with public messaging in the U.S. and explored critical questions like “Why are we doing all this?” and the challenges and potential unintended consequences faced by the psychedelic movement.

Therapeutic Applications

A major highlight was the clinical applications of psychedelics. Various sessions shared success stories from clinical trials and therapeutic practices, emphasizing the transformative potential of psychedelics in mainstream medicine. Rosalind Watts and Marc Aixalà underscored the importance of integration in these treatments and with psychedelic use in general. Providing models and frameworks for effectively incorporating psychedelic experiences into mental health care and personal use. These insights highlighted how psychedelics can be transformative when thoughtfully integrated into therapeutic practices, offering new avenues for healing and well-being.

Cultural and Ethical Considerations

The conference also honored the rich cultural history of psychedelic use. Presentations on indigenous practices and traditional ceremonies emphasized ethical considerations and the need for culturally sensitive approaches in contemporary psychedelic practices. Dr. Bia Labate proposed a narrative that includes voices of minorities and marginalized groups, highlighting the dangers of reducing the psychedelic movement to just science and medicalization. She argued for recognizing the living “psychedelic culture” beyond the scientific realm, based on embodied knowledge and cultural perceptions.

Philosophical Insights

Thought-provoking discussions on the philosophical implications of psychedelic experiences delved into questions of consciousness, spirituality, community, tradition, and religion. Bill Richards, Bob Jesse, and Rosalind Watts explored these topics, reminding us that the journey with psychedelics is not just scientific but deeply human, touching on existential questions and personal transformation.

Honest reflections

A standout feature of ICPR 2024 was the conference’s commitment to honesty and transparency, particularly regarding cases where the use of psychedelics did not lead to the desired outcomes. Jules Evans and Eirini Argyri discussed extended difficult experiences and what helps people cope with them. Acknowledging and learning from these experiences is vital for the responsible advancement of the field.

  • The psychoactive ingredient that creates the psychedelic experience in both magic truffles and mushrooms is called psilocybin.
  • Psychedelics, like psilocybin truffles, have been known for altering perception and consciousness in human history for millennia.
  • Their potential therapeutic benefits led to an explosion of interest and research into psychedelics, commonly coined as the “Psychedelic Renaissance.”
  • A high-quality psilocybin truffle ceremony includes three phases: preparation, immersion, and integration. Each phase requires nuanced and professional guidance to ensure safety and to gain the most from your profound immersion into an altered state of consciousness.
  • Designing the flow of a professional, warm and supported psilocybin-truffle retreat experience is both a science and an art. We share important elements of our EvoSHIFT retreat program design.

Investment in MDMA Research in the Netherlands

At the conference, Dutch Minister for Medical Care, Pia Dijkstra, announced a significant investment of 2.6 million euros to research psychedelics as treatments. Recognizing the substantial mental health needs in the Netherlands, the government is proactively supporting this crucial research, addressing a gap that the pharmaceutical industry has yet to fill. This marks a significant step forward toward the potential legalization of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD.

Evolute Institute’s Commitment

At Evolute Institute, we are committed to staying at the forefront of psychedelic research and best practices. Our strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our interdisciplinary team members, who continuously learn and grow to benefit our clients. The insights gained from ICPR 2024 will enrich our legal psychedelic-assisted personal and leadership development retreats, ensuring that our programs are informed, responsible, and transformative.

By engaging with the latest research, we aim to offer unparalleled support and guidance to our participants. Our small-group psilocybin-assisted retreat programs are designed to harness the potential of psychedelics to foster personal growth, enhance leadership skills, and promote holistic well-being. The knowledge shared at ICPR 2024 will play a crucial role in shaping our future programs and ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of this exciting and transformative field.

I’m personally looking forward to continue to explore, learn, and grow together with everyone interested in the science and practice in the field, harnessing the power of psychedelic research to create impactful and transformative leadership and personal growth experiences.

Naomi Stubbé
Member of the Core Facilitator Team at Evolute-Institute

Psychologist, Executive Coach, Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist

an abstract distribution of the psychedelic experience

If you want to learn more about psychedelics there is a whole article series by Evolute Institute on the History of Psychedelics as an ancient consciousness technology, how Western medicine sees psychedelics, the important difference between psychedelics and other drugs, especially hard drugs, a peek into how the psychedelic experience looks like, and much more. 

If a psychedelic retreat experience could be the right thing for you at the current moment in time, it is best explored individually. Evolute offers free exploratory calls with its team without any commitment.

patrick liebl retreat facilitator

Patrick Liebl,

Lead Facilitator & Integration Expert

CURIOUS to learn more?

We invite you to schedule a call with us. Together, we can delve into any questions or concerns you might have. We can explore whether our retreat program is right for you at this time, and ensure you feel confident about and ready to embrace this transformative experience.

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