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The Evolute Institute was born out of the vision of a world where each person, particularly those in positions of leadership and influence, has the insight, competence, and courage to bring their unique gift to the world and to meaningfully contribute to the greater good. Where leaders proactively engage in opportunities for personal maturation to connect more deeply with their innermost purpose, realizing and embracing the full scope of their potential and responsibility (response-ability: your ability to respond). 

We want to contribute to a world where the continued inner development of people leads to a greater capacity for self-leadership, for leading and empowering others, and for re-inventing our organisations and ecosystems towards more awareness, kindness and long-term flourishing.


Who we are

The Evolute Institute’s co-founders Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod and Christopher Kabakis have been on their self-exploration and integration journey for many years. Christopher as a leadership and communication consultant and trainer with a personal and business coaching practice that includes somatic & mindfulness approaches and Dmitrij as researcher in the field of public health and senior manager in a leading health data science start-up. 

Out of our personal life-changing experiences with Altered States of Consciousness our wish was born to bring this work to people we have been engaging mostly with: entrepreneurs, organizational leaders and other curious minds. Proactive people with a yearning to nurture a more fulfilling life, to tap into their potential, and to initiate ventures in alignment with their heart and sense of purpose. 

What we offer

The Evolute Institute brings together a strong team of experienced facilitators & guides, personal & executive coaches, as well as psychological and medical doctors / psychiatrists to bring a series of scientifically informed and wisdom tradition-inspired personal development approaches to leaders in Europe. We create unique spaces for mindset development & personal growth, particularly for entrepreneurs, organisational leaders, change-makers and other curious and pioneering minds. 

We provide leaders the environment and support they need to safely embark on an empowering and deep journey of self-exploration. We strive to create a unique space for transformative learning, where personal, leadership and organizational development meet in a context of altered states of consciousness. In addition to consciousness-altering technologies such as breath-work and psychedelics in a safe and legal setting, we employ a diverse array of reflective, contemplative, and experiential exercises as well as business, personal and peer coaching to catalyze profound insight and growth of our participants.

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The Evolute Institute Leadership Model

Helping leaders navigate our complex times with three core capacities

entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders who know themselves are the pioneers of a better tomorrow.

How Evolute Institute creates new spaces for personal growth

Evolute Institute combines innovative approaches and formats for personal and professional development

We use different modalities or "mind technologies" to induce altered states of consciousness, in particular breath- and bodywork, meditation, and legal psilocybin truffles for peak experiences


We expose our participants to different techniques of contemplative practice (e.g. with the ACT framework and HAKOMI-style mindfulness) to build awareness and presencing capacities and help them to become more grounded and able to self-regulate.


We curate a coherent yet diverse group of like-minded and like-hearted leaders who will support each other during and beyond our programs. To be in a trusted and synchronised group potentiates the impact of the work.


We employ developmental frameworks that help you understand what leadership mindset you are usually operating from and explore how you can access higher-level mindsets, such as the systemic-autonomous mindset

We offer the right experience based on where you are on your journey

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Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod,
co-founder Evolute Institute

"The leader is one who, out of clutter, brings simplicity, out of discord, harmony, and out of difficulty, opportunity."

- Albert Einstein

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