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Psychedelics, Dreams & Rituals with Gay Lynn Grigas

Discover the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, their influence on creativity and inner peace, and their role in personal growth and healing in our conversation with Gay Lynn Grigas, a licensed mental health counselor and psychedelic therapist accredited by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) with over 30 years of experience. 

Psychedelics and Inner Peace

The conversation between Gay Lynn Grigas and Dmitrij Achelrod was centered around Gay Lynn’s book, “Psychedelics, Dreams and Rituals”. Gay Lynn, a licensed mental health counselor and credentialed addiction professional with over 30 years of experience, shared her insights about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and how they can help individuals in their growth, development, and healing processes. She also mentioned her role as the director of psychedelics therapy in Okala, Florida. The discussion focused on how these non-ordinary states of consciousness, such as those facilitated by psychedelics, can enhance creativity and inner peace. Gay Lynn also highlighted the importance of self-awareness and self-management, suggesting that living from the inside out can lead to a more harmonious and creative life.

Psychedelics and Creativity

Gay Lynn mentioned the contributions of Nobel Prize-winning chemist Carrie Banks Mullis and musicians such as Ralph Abraham, the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, and Ray Charles, among others. These individuals reported that their use of psychedelics had influenced their work in various fields. 

Trauma, Identity, Dreams, Rituals

Gay Lynn highlighted how these methods can help individuals overcome trauma and gain a new perspective on their lives. She used the analogy of a bus to explain the different parts of oneself, emphasizing the need to identify who is controlling the bus or driving the life journey. She also shared examples of how dreams have inspired inventions and discoveries. This part of the discussion concluded with the importance of rituals in fostering relationships with oneself and the community.

Self-Transformation and Healing Rituals

This part of the conversation revolved around personal rituals and the importance of self-transformation and healing. The conversation also touched upon the concept of dreams and how it can assist individuals in transcending their ego and tapping into their inner healer. The speakers also explored the idea of embracing change and the different emotions that come with it, such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The importance of grounding and centering oneself was also highlighted. Towards the end, the discussion shifted to the role of dreams and rituals in personal growth and healing.

Dreams and Psychedelic Experiences in Healing

Gay Lynn and Dmitrij discussed the significance of dreams and psychedelic experiences in personal growth and healing. Gay Lynn highlighted the role of patterns and archetypes in dreams and suggested that identifying these can lead to new perspectives and choices. Dmitrij compared the processes of dream work and psychedelic work, noting their similarities in uncovering deeper aspects of the psyche and the need for multiple perspectives.

Rituals, Psychedelics, and Self-Integration

Gay Lynn and Dmitrij proceeded discussing the significance of rituals and ceremonies in modern life. Gay Lynn shared her experiences with using psychedelics and Ketamine assisted psychotherapy as alternative rites of passage, which help individuals connect with their inner selves. The conversation emphasized the importance of integrating all aspects of oneself, including the childlike qualities of awe, wonder, and imagination, into the self.
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