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“Managers on Magic Mushrooms”: Swiss newspaper NZZ on Evolute Institute’s work & the Rise of Psychedelic Leadership

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The Evolute Institute’s work was recently featured in an article by Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ), the prominent Swiss news outlet. The piece, written by Nelly Keusch in German, delves into the growing trend of “Psychedelic Leadership“, highlighting how business leaders are increasingly turning to psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, to enhance their personal and professional lives. In a nutshell and for all readers not fluent in German ;-), here’s what the article covered:

The Transformative Power of Psilocybin

Psilocybin has been shown to significantly alter consciousness and thought processes. Claudia, a 54-year-old entrepreneur from Hamburg who participated in one of our retreats, recounted her profound experience. During the retreat, participants lay on mats with their eyes covered, accompanied by relaxing music. Claudia described facing moments of loneliness but also feeling supported and held. This balance of challenging and uplifting experiences is a hallmark of psilocybin’s potential to facilitate deep personal growth.

Why Leaders are Turning to Psychedelics

The NZZ article points out that psychedelics are moving beyond their therapeutic uses for treating depression and other mental health issues. Today, many leaders and entrepreneurs are exploring these substances to overcome professional blockages, spark creativity, and gain new perspectives. The article references a survey by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which found that 18% of 3,150 managers in the US and UK have used psychedelics, often while in leadership roles.

Podcast: NZZ Akzent: Manager on Magic Mushrooms


Evolute Institute’s Approach

Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod and Christopher Kabakis, co-founded the Evolute Institute based in The Netherlands to provide a structured and supportive environment for these transformative experiences. Dmitrij’s first encounter with psychedelics around six years ago was a catalyst for this venture, inspiring him to share the benefits with others, particularly those in positions of responsibility.

Evolute Institute’s legal psilocybin-truffle-assisted flagship program, EvoSHIFT, is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, executives, and other pioneering spirits. It aims to unleash participants’ creative potential and help them discover their true purpose. The program is comprehensive, including several weeks of preparation, a four-day retreat in the Netherlands, and a two-month integration phase to help participants incorporate their insights into their daily lives.

A Comprehensive Experience

The preparation phase involves individual and group discussions to identify personal challenges and goals. Participants are also educated about the potential risks and how to handle adverse experiences. During the retreat, days includeh meditation, yoga, breathwork, and nature walks, culminating in the psilocybin experience. This “truffle journey” is the climax of the retreat, but the journey doesn’t end there. The subsequent and crucial integration phase ensures that the profound insights gained are effectively applied in participants’ personal and professional lives.

Testimonials and Outcomes

Leon and Luciana are participants like Claudia, who report lasting changes from this guided  experience in an altered state of consciousness. Claudia notes feeling more determined and free from previous blockages. This sentiment is echoed by Ivan, another one of our participants also mentioned in the NZZ article. He is a fintech and blockchain entrepreneur, who found new self-awareness and a renewed sense of responsibility after his retreat.


The NZZ article underscores the potential of psilocybin to transform leadership and personal development. At Evolute Institute, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing leaders with the tools and experiences they need to unlock their fullest potential.

We invite you to read the full NZZ article in German (“Manager auf Magic Mushrooms“) or in English (“Managers on Magic Mushrooms“) and learn more about how psychedelic leadership can make a difference in your life. The NZZ also created a podcast “Become a better boss with magic mushrooms: “Psychedelic Leadership” is en vogue.” Listen to the podcast here (in German).

For more information about Evolute Institute and our work, click here.

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an abstract distribution of the psychedelic experience

If you want to learn more about psychedelics there is a whole article series by Evolute Institute on the History of Psychedelics as an ancient consciousness technology, how Western medicine sees psychedelics, the important difference between psychedelics and other drugs, especially hard drugs, a peek into how the psychedelic experience looks like, and much more. 

If a psychedelic retreat experience could be the right thing for you at the current moment in time, it is best explored individually. Evolute offers free exploratory calls with its team without any commitment.

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