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Martin Permantier welcomes Christopher and Dmitrij to this very personal podcast episode of ICH WIR ALLE

Martin Permantier invited Dmitrij and Christopher to his Podcast ICH WIR ALLE to talk about how psychedelic experiences can be used for personal and professional development.

The two founders of the Evolute Institute share their vision for their work and reveal intimate insights from their personal psychedelic journeys – including a psilocybin truffle retreat experience in the Netherlands – and how that changed their view their personal and professional development.

This podcast episode is in German.

ICH WIR ALLE is a podcast by short cuts, a leading communication and design agency headquartered in Berlin.

You can find the ICH WIR ALLE Episode 125 page here or simply listen to the podcast below to learn more on how to use psychedelic experiences for personal growth and development. 

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