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What is Psychedelic Leadership? TNHC x Evolute Institute Panel

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1. TNHC Panel Talk – What the h… is psychedelic leadership?

The panel discussion on “Psychedelic Leadership” was hosted by Anne Philippi in the Soho House Berlin on February 8, 2023. This discussion revolves around the emerging concept of psychedelic leadership. What does this entail? Could it imply that executives engage in psychedelic experiences to enhance leadership skills and drive transformation? Might companies eventually provide psychedelic therapy to their employees? Are we considering psychedelics as a source of inspiration for business or creative ideas? Or is it about evolving a completely new style of leadership, augmented by psychedelic experiences?


    • Jörg Reinwaldt, MD at APX Axel Springer, entrepreneur and investor
    • Dr. Gesa Miczaika, General Partner at Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund
    • Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod, Co-Founder of Evolute Institute
    • Achim Feige, Co-Founder of Vertical Development
Anne Philippi and Dmitrij Achelrod
Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod, Evolute Institute - Dr. Gesa Miczaika, Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund - Anne Philippi, The New Health Club - Jörg Reinboldt, MD at APX Axel Springer Porsche - Achim Feige, Vertical Development

2. Takeaways from the panel Psychedelics and Leadership

2.1 Definition and Scope of Psychedelic Leadership

The panel explored the concept of ‘psychedelic leadership’, discussing its various potential meanings. This included the use of psychedelics by C-level executives for better leadership and transformation, the possibility of companies offering psychedelic therapy to employees, and leveraging psychedelics for creative and business inspiration.

2.2 Shifts in Company Culture and Leadership Trends

Jörg Reinwaldt highlighted a shift from a focus on hustle culture to more sustainable, balanced approaches in startups. The conversation touched upon the importance of creating a long-term sustainable balance between performance and well-being in the business world.

2.3 Personal Growth and Leadership Development through Psychedelics

Panelists shared personal experiences and observations on how psychedelics lead to deeper self-awareness, introspection, and strategic decision-making. Dmitrij Achelrod and Achim Feige discussed how leaders who undergo psychedelic experiences tend to develop stronger connections, better decision-making skills, and a more holistic view of their responsibilities.

2.4 Impact of Ayahuasca on Personal and Professional Life

Gesa Miczaika shared her personal journey with ayahuasca, noting how it led to increased confidence and clarity in her professional life. She emphasized the profound change that psychedelics can bring about in one’s personal and professional trajectory.

2.5 Future Direction of Leadership

The panel agreed that future leadership would require bold, value-driven decisions. They emphasized the need for leadership that focuses on long-term sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility.

2.6 Integration and Legalization of Psychedelics

The importance of integrating psychedelic experiences into daily life was stressed. There was also a discussion on the potential effects of psychedelic legalization on business and leadership.

2.7 Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Context of Psychedelics

The panel addressed the need for making safe and transformational psychedelic experiences more accessible across different social strata. The discussion highlighted the importance of bridging gaps in resources and information access among diverse groups.


If you want to learn more on psychedelics and leadership, discover below Evolute Institute’s Research Update on how leadership-relevant qualities are affected by psychedelics 

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