Psychedelics meet Leadership

Altered States of Consciousness & 
Leadership Growth

Explore our podcast interview with Mickael Drouard from the French consultancy Fabric 

New Work needs a new level of maturity from leaders and employees. Psychedelics in the right set and setting can be a powerful tool to promote such maturation

The “Pyramid to Circles” podcast by French consulting firm Fabric is dedicated to leaders and the change makers who are willing to evolve their organization from hierarchy to empowerment, and are wondering how to succeed in this transition. It features business leaders who take this journey as well as seasoned practitioners and forefront doers. Pyramid to Circles shares their stories, takes their advice, and brings interested listeners new inspiration to explore how we can truly create greater impact, as we evolve from pyramidal structures to self-organisation.

In this latest episode Fabric CEO Mickael Drouard breaks a taboo by sharing openly his personal experience of an altered state of consciousness and how it has deeply impacted him positively in his life and in his work. He interviews Berlin-based Evolute Institute’s co-founders Christopher Kabakis and Dmitrij Achelrod, PhD who talk about their purpose, approach and results with leaders, change-makers and other pioneers. 

Evolute Institute offers a research-based, professional and innovative approach to organizational leadership development by using the power of altered states of consciousness, including breath-work, wilderness, mindfulness and legal psychedelic retreat programs in the Netherlands.  

Psychedelics can be thought of as a body-mind technology and its foremost function is one of integration and of reconnection. We can develop our mindset with psychedelics also because they create a new emotional reference experience and this might open up totally new pathways of development for us.

Listen to the podcast episode here:


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