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EVOLUTE ORG is our service branch that provides tailor-made solutions for organizations that want to create special leadership development experiences for specific target groups. This can mean a development program with an on-site retreat to take your leadership or founder’s team to the next level or it could mean we help you create an exclusive client event. Each organization and team is different with respect to their needs, dynamics, strategy, and culture. This is why we adjust our program to your organization’s needs to create a truly unique environment for learning, inspiration and transformation. 

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EVOLUTE ORG is a cutting-edge offer designed for leaders and decision-makers who wish to take the next step as a group: personally and professionally. Our customized programs are aimed at advancing an organization’s leadership team and culture. This sustainable change will have positive ripple effects on the entire organization and its stakeholders.
We create a customized, intense multi-week curriculum that specifically applies the power of altered states of consciousness (ASC) for transformational work. ASC are conditions that are significantly different from an ordinary waking state. These states temporarily change the overall pattern of subjective experience and allow us to perceive ourselves as well as the world around us from an entirely different perspective. We can take a step back from our routine ways of thinking, feeling, and sensing and hence become emotionally, intellectually and viscerally more receptive to the present moment as well as more attuned to the people around us. ASC can be experienced through a wide range of modalities, e.g. mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, some forms of bodywork, prolonged deliberate physical exertion, or psychedelics. Many of these practices have long traditions of use to promote growth and healing. In our EVOLUTE ORG programs we combine these modalities in a customized way to create the opportunity for transformational learning and deeper connectedness within a circle of your organization’s leaders, for a group of co-founders or for a carefully selected group of your high-value clients. 

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