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History of Psychedelics as Ancient Consciousness Technologies

This first article on the fundamentals of psychedelics explores the role of psychedelics as consciousness technologies in a number of ancient cultures across the globe.

By combining those examples with recent Western psychedelic history starting in the 50’s, we dive into what psychedelic history means to today’s psychedelic renaissance.

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“Pyramid to Circles” Podcast: Altered States of Consciousness & Leadership Growth​

The “Pyramid to Circles” podcast by French consulting firm Fabric is dedicated to leaders and the change makers who are willing to evolve their organization from hierarchy to empowerment, and are wondering how to succeed in this transition.
In this latest episode Fabric CEO Mickael Drouard breaks a taboo by sharing openly his personal experience of an altered state of consciousness and how it has deeply impacted him positively in his life and in his work. He interviews Evolute co-founders Christopher Kabakis and Dmitrij Achelrod, PhD who talk about their purpose, approach and results with leaders, change-makers and other pioneers…

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Deep Inner Work – Acquiring Wisdom for a Good Life (Part 8 of 8)

In this final article of our 8-part series on deep inner work, we want to look at the end point of all this striving for growth and development: acquiring wisdom to lead a good life.

Instead of seeing our life’s path as a linear development from A to B, we can think of our movement in the world as a means to get to know our true self, our deep sense of purpose…

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Deep Inner Work – Fostering integration through and beyond psychedelic work (Part 7 of 8)

In this 7th out of 8 articles, we want to look at deep inner work from the perspective of promoting integration, through psychedelic work, but also more generally beyond psychedelic work.

One key concept in intentional, ceremonial psychedelic work is integration – which means that after having a peak experience, after accessing new spaces of altered states of consciousness, we need to engage in additional work in the days, weeks, months, and even years thereafter. But what does integration mean beyond psychedelic work? Read on…

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Murakamy Podcast #37: Bessere Führungskräfte dank psychedelischer Erfahrungen

In Episode #37 vom Murakamy Podcast wird es experimentell und ungewohnt. Denn es geht darum, sich im Bereich Leadership auf ein psychedelisches Retreat-Programm einzulassen.

Christopher Kabakis und Dmitrij Achelrod vom Evolute Institute haben ein Leadership Programm entwickelt, bei dem es vor allem darum geht, sich selbst besser kennen und spüren zu lernen. Sie wollen Unternehmer:innen, Entscheider:innen und Führungspionier:innen helfen, intentional an ihren Entwicklungs- und Wachstumsthemen zu arbeiten, durch engmaschige Begleitung im Rahmen von Coaching, Gruppenerfahrungen und katalysiert durch eine hochdosierte psychedelische Erfahrung. Christopher und Dmitrij sind davon überzeugt,..

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Deep Inner Work – Increasing Psychological Flexibility (Part 6 of 8)

In this 6th out of 8 articles, we want to look at deep inner work from the perspective of increasing psychological flexibility.

Steven Hayes, PhD, intellectual godfather of the so-called 3rd wave of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), has written extensively of the power of CBT to enhance psychological flexibility as part of what is necessary when engaging in therapeutic and coaching processes.

Hayes distinguishes 3 different “kinds” of selves…

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